The Tutorial is in Chinese


The bad news: The Apocalypse is here, and I, Alex Lin, am stuck in China.

The good news: I got some kind of phone app that allows me to summon beings with cool abilities

The worse news: Everything in the app, including the tutorial, is in Chinese, which I can’t f*cking read.

Other protagonists’ greatest obstacles are either other people or themselves.

My greatest obstacle? The language barrier.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Very Beginning
Chapter 2 – Grief for a Stranger
Chapter 3 – White Snowflake
Chapter 4 – Moving Base
Chapter 5 – Big Ass Zombie
Chapter 6 – Quality Time with Snowflake
Chapter 7 – Snowflake’s Explanation
Chapter 8 – Out of the City
Chapter 9 – A Rest Stop
Chapter 10 – The Granny Yang Dilemma
Chapter 11 WIP

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